We have a selection of the following types of costume available for hire by another drama group or business in the Portsmouth area:

A Roman
B Biblical
C Victorian
D Edwardian
E Regency
F 1920s
G 1930s
H 1940s
I 1950s
J Evening Wear
K Matching Chorus WearL Nightwear – Various Periods
M Wedding DressesN Dinner Jackets
O Morning Suits
P Novelty – e.g.  Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Wind in the Willows
Q Various Coats, Hats, Shoes and Accessories
R Various Underwear Items

Complete costume for Male, Female or Child

For up to One Week’s  Hire £5.00   per costume
For up to One Month’s Hire   £12.00   per costume

Partial costume only

 For up to One Week’s Hire        £2.00   per costume
 For up to One Month’s Hire       £5.00   per costume

Individual item

For up to One Week’s Hire       £1.00    per item
For up to One Month’s Hire      £4.00   per item

Mixture of Larger Items e.g. Coats, Jackets, Dresses, etc

 Up to 5 in number for One Week’s Hire      £5.00 
 Up to 5 in number for One Month’s Hire    £12.00


Mixture of Smaller Items e.g. Scarves, Hats, Shoes, etc

 Up to 10 in number for One Week’s  Hire     £2.00
 Up to 10 in number for One Month’s Hire     £5.00



EMAIL the CCADS Wardrobe Mistress,  at ccads@musicdramastage.com
Explain costume requirements and the dates needed
The Wardrobe Mistress will check availability

 Price to be agreed between CCADS / Hirer and contact details noted
 Hire date and return date to be agreed between CCADS and Hirer

Wardrobe mistress informs CCADS Treasurer of hire detail
Treasurer to send CCADS Invoice to Hirer in time for return date
Should Hirer need to extend term of the hire, the Wardrobe Mistress should be informed as soon as possible for hire agreement/price to be amended
Hirer returns all costumes to Wardrobe Mistress along with cash payment or cheque payable to ‘CCADS’

Complete costume for up to One Week’s Hire only    1.00   per costume
Partial costume for up to One Week’s Hire only        50   per costume

We must be given AT LEAST  a week’s notice when requesting a costume and MUSTbe returned to Sue within 5 days of the hire.  Only in exceptional circumstances will a member be able to hire for more than one week.

Reciprocal arrangements for CCADS members and other Drama Groups are made at our discretion